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International Volunteer/Intern Policy

This policy outlines the guidelines and expectations for international volunteers and interns at Most at RisK Young Mothers and Teenage Girls Living with HIV Initiative (MOYOTE) Our goal is to provide a rewarding and meaningful experience while ensuring the safety, well-being, and effective integration of volunteers/interns into our projects and daily operations.

This policy applies to all international volunteers and interns engaged with MOYOTE regardless of the duration of their service or the specific projects they are involved in.
Recruitment and Selection

1. Eligibility Criteria
- Must be at least 18 years old.
- Must have a valid passport and appropriate visa for the duration of the stay.
- Must provide proof of health insurance coverage for the duration of the stay.
- Must be able to communicate effectively in the primary language used by the organization ( English /Kiswahili).

2. Application Process:
- Submit online application form.
- Provide a resume/CV and a cover letter.
- Attend a virtual interview.
- Provide two references.

3. Selection Criteria:
- Alignment with the MOYOTE’s mission and values.
- Relevant skills and experience.
- Ability to commit to the required time frame.

1. Orientation:
- Provide an online orientation package that includes information about the organization, projects, local culture, and logistics.
- Conduct a pre-departure orientation session via video call.

2. Travel Arrangements:
- Volunteers/interns are responsible for arranging and funding their own travel to and from the host country.
- Provide guidance on visa applications and travel requirements.

3. Health and Safety:
- Volunteers/interns must provide proof of vaccinations and any required medical clearances.
- Strongly recommend purchasing comprehensive travel insurance that covers medical emergencies, evacuation, and repatriation.

1. Arrival and Orientation:
- Conduct an in-person orientation upon arrival, including a tour of the facilities, introduction to staff, and review of safety procedures.
- Provide a welcome package with local information and emergency contacts.

2. Living Arrangements:
- A Feesof USD will be paid 200000$ to organisation.
- MOYOTE will provide accommodation at a reasonable fee.
- MOYOTE will Ensure accommodation meets basic safety and comfort standards.

3. Daily Operations-
- Assign a supervisor/mentor to each volunteer/intern.
- Clearly define roles, responsibilities, and expectations.
- Provide regular feedback and support.

4.Code of Conduct:
- Adhere to the MOYOTE ’s code of conduct, including respect for local customs and laws.
- Maintain professionalism in all interactions with staff, beneficiaries, and the local community.
- Prohibit any form of harassment, discrimination, or exploitation.

5. Health and Safety:
- Follow all health and safety protocols established by the organization.
- Report any health issues or accidents immediately to the designated supervisor.

6. Communication:
- Maintain regular communication with the assigned supervisor.
- Participate in scheduled check-ins and feedback sessions.


1. Evaluation and Feedback:
- Complete an end-of-service evaluation form.
- Participate in an exit interview.

2. Certification:
- Provide a certificate of completion if required.

3. Continued Engagement:
- Encourage volunteers/interns to stay connected with the organization through alumni networks, newsletters, and future opportunities.
Policy Review


This policy will be reviewed annually and updated as necessary to ensure it remains relevant and effective.

Most at Risk Young Mothers and Teenage Girls Living with HIV Initiative (MOYOTE)

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